Exxon, climate change and the courts: Legal challenges reach critical mass

As a wave of climate liability lawsuits come to a crescendo this fall, one fossil fuel major finds itself facing peril from more directions than any other: ExxonMobil. With the trial in New York’s lawsuit against the company for climate fraud starting Oct. 23, it also faces key hearings in a set of liability lawsuits by California communities that will decide if they are heard in federal or state court. Other communities around the country have started to win those jurisdictional battles, forci

Could Rights of Nature Laws Help Save Endangered Orcas?

The Pacific Northwest’s most iconic species—the orcas that live in the Salish Sea year-round—are on the brink of extinction with just 73 whales remaining as of July 1. The Southern Resident orcas have made headlines repeatedly over the past year, including the recent loss of three adult whales and last summer’s widely reported story of a female who carried her dead calf for more than two weeks and over 1,000 miles. And orcas aren’t the only species under threat. A United Nations report released

Commercial fishermen latest to sue oil companies for climate impacts

A group of commercial fishermen are joining the legal fight against the fossil fuel industry for its role in climate change. A new lawsuit by the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA), the West Coast’s largest commercial fishing association, was filed on Wednesday in California state court. The association said the suit is a response to four consecutive years of crab fishery being forced to close because of algae blooms, which are caused by warming oceans. Crabbers in Cal

A Koch-Fueled Attack on Electric Buses Picks up Speed

Electric buses are replacing existing diesel-fueled fleets at an accelerating rate, and the transition to battery-powered buses is outpacing even the most optimistic projections. In this light, it should come as little surprise that commentators and organizations with ties to the Koch network and the oil industry are attacking a transportation option that yields fewer fossil fuel profits and cleaner, healthier air for people and planet. A string of recent commentaries published in the conservat